FSM -3 words – Best Italian Ever!

FSM has by far been my ultimate destination for quality Italian food in Hyderabad. My love for FSM started when it was a small cozy joint in Vizag (my hometown), which later opened in Hyderabad too, much to my delight. And just as they had won hearts in Vizag, they pretty soon made a mark for themselves in Hyderabad too. Continue reading FSM -3 words – Best Italian Ever!


Veg Bullets / Croquettes with Mustard Dip

Since I was in charge for snacks this time round, I decided to go with Veg Croquettes or more commonly called Veg bullets, which turned out to be a hit with the crowd. The mustard dip especially, that goes so well with cutlets, was polished within minutes. Continue reading Veg Bullets / Croquettes with Mustard Dip

Gutthi Vankaya Kura / Stuffed Aubergine Curry

So this friend of mine who bakes really well, and is a reasonable good cook too, says that this is the one vegetable that she has never been able to cook well, and its because she isn’t a fan of this purple wonder. And to make matters worse, her husband loooves aubergine in any form or kind. So I promised to post a simple recipe to help her out. Let’s see, if she’s able to master it this time round. Continue reading Gutthi Vankaya Kura / Stuffed Aubergine Curry

Charcoal – My Burger Haven

At a time when I almost gave up on finding good burgers in Hyderabad, I came across Charcoal! And boy o boy….were those burgers good! I fell in love with this place but it’s not because of some fancy shmancy menu with equally fancy interiors, rather it’s because it’s a damn cool place, that serves amazing burgers!!! I could kiss the chef-thats how good those burgers are! I’m in love with Abhinav, the “grill master”, not just because he is obviously a great chef, but also he is one of the coolest guys I have met in Hyderabad and his “grill-buddy” Parry too is super nice. They make you feel welcome and greet you like you have been buddies since ever! It’s the same cool vibe that transcends to their decor and food too. Continue reading Charcoal – My Burger Haven

Eggs Krazywal – Because it’s crazy good!

The dish is basically toast, topped with stir-fried mushroom, and again topped with a sunny side up egg. All these when had together was a gastronomic delight. I always keep experimenting with my breakfast options, and bread, eggs and mushroom are almost like staple food at my place. So it was a no brainer that I would wanna try making this dish at home. And when I did, it was polished off within no time, as it was crazy good! Hence decided to name it Eggs Krazywal! (Inspired by the name of SBOW and how crazy good it tastes) Continue reading Eggs Krazywal – Because it’s crazy good!

Mamagoto Asian Buffet Launch

India’s favourite Pan-Asian restaurant Mamagoto, after making its mark in most of the cities in India, especially in Delhi and Mumbai with numerous branches, and more to open up in other parts of the county and internationally too; has become the go-to place for Pan Asian cuisine for the folk in Hyderabad as well. And guess what…it has just got better! How you ask? They started an Anti-Buffet! Now you will be wondering, what exactly is an anti-buffet, but you will have to go there to find out for yourself. All I’m going to tell you is, that for 499+ taxes, which totals to 650rs AI it’s a steal! Continue reading Mamagoto Asian Buffet Launch

Jonathan’s Kitchen – perfect lazy Sunday Brunch!

Come weekend…what do you wanna do? Stay home and slog at the stove in this blistering heat? No way! Instead I would want to kick back and relax and enjoy a meal with drinks, with my friends for company. And no way I am doing that at a buffet. I’m not going up and down the buffet table to get my food; rather I would … Continue reading Jonathan’s Kitchen – perfect lazy Sunday Brunch!

ETC – the ultimate cocktail destination!

When you are out with friends, what is it that you do? ETC! Don’t get me wrong…I don’t mean etcetera. Rather Eat Talk Chill!! And when in Hyderabad, around Jubillee Hills, where best to hang out? ETC again! Ok, now you might think I am tripping on you; but I am not! Im referring to ‘ETC – Eat Talk Chill’, which is the new concept bar at United Kitchens of India. United Kitchens of India has made a name for itself for being a Multi Cuisine Restaurant that serves Specialty Cuisines from all parts of the country, from Kerala to Rajasthan, from Andhra to Kolkatta etc. So you do not have to wonder what the specialties of certain states are, you just gotta see the menu, and there you have them all listed under the various states. Continue reading ETC – the ultimate cocktail destination!

Awadhi Cuisine – for the love of kebabs!

When speaking about Awadhi cuisine, the only thing that pops into mind are their lip smacking, melt in the mouth kebabs. Awadhi cuisine is basically the cuisine of Lucknow, that is famous because of the Lucknowi Nawabs, who were known to have a voracious appetite for delectable kebabs; and their brilliant cooks, who came up with various innovative and delicate flavored kebabs to appease their Nawab’s rich tastes. These recipes have come down from generation to generation, and for those cooks, these recipes are their most closely guarded secrets. Continue reading Awadhi Cuisine – for the love of kebabs!