Conçu – delectable desserts

I want my first post on reviews to start off on a sweet note. So what better place to start off with than with my favorite dessert place Conçu!!

Right from the moment you step into this quaint little dessert place, you are taken over, what with their bright and classy decor, to the huge display of their delectable desserts. You have a wide array to choose, from the macaroons to their cupcakes, from their cheesecakes to their intricately designed and well thought out desserts. These desserts are not only a pleasure to eat, but also a pleasure to look at. There are not many places that can pride themselves in being able to make a pastry too beautiful to bite into, but Conçu has it pat down. True to their name, ‘Conçu’ – meaning ‘designing’ in french; the folks at Conçu are  absolute experts in pastry decoration and designing.


I am so in love with their Red Velvet Cupcake. This is one little red devil that I cannot have enough of. Its perfectly baked, soft and spongy with the perfect balance of tangyness and sweet; that goes amazingly with their cream cheese frosting, that is creamy and light.

Red Velvet Cupcake


Their Tiramisu is another dessert that is again perfect with creamy mascarpone and espresso saturated ladyfingers, but they also have a small filler filled with Rum for those that like that extra kick in their rich coffee flavored dessert. They are very creative with their tiramisu and have come up with other variants like the Mango and Strawberry Tiramisu as well, which are just brilliant.

They have many exotic desserts like their Mille-feuille, Choux bun (pronounced as ‘shoe’ bun), Opera, Creme Brulee, Paris Brest and many many more.You got to see it to believe the number of varieties you can have in desserts. And each and every one of those desserts is a work of art, with the detailing and designing that goes into each pastry.


Now, even savory items have been added to the menu for those who need a break from the desserts. To add on, they have some signature teas and coffees. My favorites are the  cold coffee and their signature Belgium Rose Bud tea, which is a very mild flavored tea served in a glass tea pot, that looks oh so elegant.

Belgium Rose Bud Tea

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for some designer desserts. The pricing is reasonable considering the quality and details put into each and every item.

I do not need a reason to visit this place, this is one place I need to be at, at least once every week for my dessert fix!




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