Thinespo – eat & go!


Thinespo was in my bucket list for a while, but it being quite far from where I stay, have been giving it a miss. This time I was in the area meeting a friend of mine, who made me miss a Christmas carnival; so his punishment was to take me to Thinespo. And I don’t really know if it would still be called a punishment if we all loved it. 🙂

Thinespo – now that’s a name that most people who do not know telugu would think that its some exotic name; but its rather the most common phrase most people say to you when you visit their home – eat and go! As simple as that; all they want you to do is eat and go! And that is exactly what we did. I found the name quite quirky.

I really liked the outdoor seating area with the hanging warm light bulbs and a bonfire in the center. I did not even want to consider checking for a indoor seating, or maybe I would have, if I had come at noon (considering our Hyderabadi heat)

I was super hungry when I reached here, so I ordered for a King 3 Cheese Lamb burger with 3 kinds of cheeses; Gruyere, Cheddar & Parmesan; a plate of Buffalo Wings; a Sloppy Sloppy Joe and a Grilled Cottage Cheese Burger.

The wings were the first to arrive and were really well done, with crispy coating on the exterior, drenched in hot buffalo sauce. I liked it a lot, and my only grouse with the wings is that it came with no dip! I usually like my buffalo wings with a blue cheese dip or at least a garlic mayo dip. Not that it needed it, but its nice to have a mild dip on the side, just in case you realize that the wings need a lil something to go down smoother.

The burgers came with a side of fresh salad and potato wedges that were excellent. With the King 3 Cheese Lamb burger, true to its name, you could taste the different kinds of cheeses that went into it. Cheese…that too three types of it…do I need to say more?? The lamb patty was juicy and well made.I loved it.

Kings 3 Cheese Burger

And thanks to my vegetarian friend, I got to taste the Grilled Cottage cheese burger that he ordered, and which I made sure to take a huge bite out of. It was quite flavorful with a huge slice of grilled cottage cheese.

Chargrilled Cottage Cheese Burger

The sloppy joe, wasn’t upto the mark, as per my husband, as he had tasted it in the US. I found it quite ok, in fact i was too distracted with my awesome burger, so maybe I am biased! 😛

Sloppy joe


We ordered Peach Iced Tea and a Fresh lime soda. Both were ok, but I felt the quantity of the drinks were a bit less. I would prefer a tall glass, rather than the disposable plastic glass I got.

For desserts, I was happy there was something different that I could try out this time. Baked yogurt! Decided to order the Baked Yogurt Platter, with three flavors; caramel, banana & caramel and vanilla. I loved the Banana & caramel flavor. It had an almost cheesecake texture yet a very interesting flavor. It’s a must try.


The service was good, but a tad slow.I do not like ordering bottled water when I am dining out, and so I request for regular water, because I trust that good food establishments would have a basic water purifier in place to serve potable water. I am not unreasonable and I don’t expect to be served mineral water on the house. So I hope the management makes a note of this point.

I loved all that I ate here, and would definitely recommend others and also come back in spite of this place being far out of my way.

Quality – 4.5/5

Quantity – 4/5

Ambiance – 4.5/5

Pricing – 4/5

Service – 3.5/5


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