Filter Kaapi- Finally my search ends at TMH

The only thing that comes to mind when I crave for some good strong coffee is the erstwhile Filter Kaapi. Because let’s face it, those who have tasted the real thing, would never be satisfied with any number of mochas, cappuccinos, lattes or whatever fancy named coffee you can come up with.


Earlier I was a coffee non believer. (If there really is something like that) Then thanks to my next door neighbour, I became a convert. The aroma of the filter coffee wafting from their house during the evenings pulled me into its fold, and from then on, there is no turning back. I started to understand and appreciate the true taste and flavour of a well brewed coffee.

The flavour and aroma of a filter coffee is something that you got to experience to truly appreciate it. And it’s not a feat easily achieved by most. Even today I struggle to get the taste of the filter coffee right, in spite of trying my hand with various blends and concoctions and contraptions. Hence I usually head over to my neighbours house for my daily fix, who is sweet enough lady to grant me some.

Wherever I traveled I have tried the filter coffees, and had some really good ones in places like Mysore and Tamilnadu(obviously); and have ever since been in search for places in Hyderabad that can brew some coffee that can come even close to this heavenly taste.

I have long since been hearing about the taste of the food and tiffins at the Taj Mahal hotel, from the old school hyderabadis. But most importantly about its famous filter coffee. So I headed there one fine day to try it out. And lo and behold, my hunt for a place that serves good filter coffee in Hyderabad has at last ended. The aroma and taste of this coffee is something you gotta taste to believe and once you do, I would bet anything that you would get hooked as I did.

But going all the way to Nampally, Secunderabad or Abids every time is not practical for me. So imagine my happiness when they decided to open shop in the posh locales of Jubilee hills, giving stiff competition to a International Coffee Shop next door and many other established Veg restaurants in the area. But for the filter coffee deprived souls like me, its a boon that they decided to come to this part of the town.

So it’s not surprising that I am now a regular there. And mind you its just my love for coffee that made me go on and on about it; but that does not mean that their food is anything but spectacular. The tiffins there, almost every dish that I had there has been brilliant. Right from their signature dishes like poori kurma, cutlets to their super tasty range of doses. My current favourite is their Mysore masala dosa. Speaking of Mysore, even their Mysore bajji is to die for. The texture of it is like soft balls of cotton; and I am comparing it to cotton for lack of a better word to describe its spongy texture. It literally melts in your mouth.

The service is efficient and the pricing is competitive. The ambiance and decor is tastefully done.

So those of you, who want to enjoy a good filter kaapi with some amazing food, head straight to Taj Mahal Hotel. You will not be disappointed.
Flavours Of TMH - Taj Mahal Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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