3B’s- Buddies, Bar & BBQ

The new kid on the Barbecue block is here…3B’s stands for buddies, bar & Barbecue It’s technically not new to the Barbeque scene, as its a extension of the extremely popular AB’s Barbecue, same management.


When I was invited at the bloggers table for the soft launch of 3B, I was curious to know what were they gonna do different, that’s not already to death by most other BBQ places that have mushroomed in Hyderabad. I should say, they have made a lot of improvements, that’s quite a welcome change to the BBQ scene.

The ambiance for starters is spectacular, with individual tables as well as 10 seater table islands, which were under lit, and looked amazing. They have an indoor and a outdoor seating area, with good music playing, which would be perfect for a large office/family get together, where they would have their own personal space to interact with each other; and a personal bartender to cater to their drinking needs.The outdoor seating I would assume would be best enjoyed at dinner time when the climate is cool, summers not so sure.

Coming to the concept, they have done away with the individual grills on the tables, and have replaced that with servers serving you piping hot starters just off the grills. The island tables have a couple of chefs, who in a Teppanyaki style, cook your grills in front of you, and serve it there and then. ( I also wish they make a performance of it, the way the Japanese Teppanyaki chefs do, that would be the cherry on the top) For the people who enjoy a drink with their grills, this place is going to be a boon, as the drinks are extremely affordable. I had the mocktails, of which the Mango Rupture was really good, and seemed to be the most popular drink at the table. The people who were having the Cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, had good things to say of them as well.

The food was excellent and was more or less the same stuff that was served at AB, with the exception that its now done by the chef and served piping hot to dig into; which includes the grilled fish, singapore chicken, tandoori chicken, lamb seekh kebab, Peas cutlet, Panner tikka, Cajun potato, Crispy corn etc. But a special mention goes to the Shrimp Tempura, which was perfectly cooked and was the most sought after dish at the table. Also, the Yogurt fritters was something I never had earlier and was quite good. The desserts are your basic cakes, mousse, ice-creams, gulabjamun and fruit. The paan flavoured ice cream is for the true pan lovers where as I am happy with my gulab jamun.

Prosenjit the CEO of ABs and 3Bs is person who has a lot of ideas and is open to feedback and critique. And the fact that the management here pay attention to detail and work on feedback, is evident in the number of changes that they made to 3Bs. Firstly, doing away with the individual grills. Secondly, having large island tables to enable larger groups of people sitting together. Thirdly and most importantly in my humble opinion is, doing away with the exhaustive main course! Because lets face it, most of us are already so full on the starters that we barely nibble the main course, which is such a pity, considering all the varieties they have to offer. Hence having just a choice of comfort foods like Kichidi, Biryani and Curd Rice is a much needed welcome change.

Also, the new additions that they intend on starting soon, would be to have a in house DJ and a valet service that can also be doubled up to a home drop facility for those who have had a drink too many. This is a concept that’s already prevalent in other metros and would be really needed here, what with the drinks being really good and coming for a price that is too good to be true.

I see this place soon becoming the go-to place for office parties and family get-togethers, just like their earlier establishments.

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