Mamagoto-quirky pan asian

The new restaurant in town to join the pan-asian brigade in Hyderabad is Mamagoto, which is an established restaurant in Mumbai. Everyone has been raving about the food at this place in Mumbai and it was in my wishlist for a while. So when they opened up in Hyderabad, I was looking forward to check it out. When a friend of mine invited me for a tasting session along with other fun foodies, I was more than happy to join them and strike out one name off my wish list of restaurants.


The décor and styling of Mamagoto can best be described as quirky fun Asian and incredibly colourful. The seating area is spread over two floors, giving the patrons ample seating options. We were quite early for our lunch, giving us lots of time to walk about and admire the interesting décor (without disturbing anyone); from the ping pong bats adorning a whole wall, Chinese cat wall hangings, to the graphic print cushions that totally won me over. There are so many facets to the décor, that I am sure, each visit would reveal something new to you.

After ooh and aahing over the décor, we finally sat down to eat. We ordered the mocktails and asked them to get the starters of their choice; and they obliged and started doling out all the signature dishes of their restaurant.


I ordered Apple Sangria, which was excellent; and also tasted a Kiwi & Lemon Mojito, which was made rather well. I found the Mint Mojito and Orange Sangria a tad sour. Instead of the regular Kimchi that you find at most asian restaurants, we were served Fryum strips with a honey chilli soy dip which had a strong lemon flavor. I totally loved that dip, with its perfect balance of complex flavors.

The first to arrive in our long list of starters were the Crispy Lotus stems with a honey soy sauce. The lotus stem chips had a lovely crunch to them and went especially well with the sauce it was served with. The hot basil chicken cups had a really strong flavour of basil; I wasn’t a great fan of it, but the basil lovers at the table gorged on it.

And for a dumpling fan like me, I was in dumpling heaven. They had two varieties of dumplings in both veg and non-veg versions. The Street style dumpling, which was a spicy and strong flavored one, and I loved it as I love anything spicy. The sauce it was topped with, just blew my mind. The Traditional Peking Dumpling was milder and more flavorful and I loved the burnt chilli garlic sauce that the street style dumplings were topped with. The dumplings here, I would say, stood out because of the sauces they were served with.


Another favorite of mine was the Java Grilled Fish with its hot sambal salsa and sticky rice. The fish was moist and perfectly cooked and mildly spiced which let the flavor of the fish stand out. The Shrimp Tempura was too salty for my taste, if not for that, it was quite good..crispy and not over cooked. The Water chestnut spring roll could have done with more water chestnuts in it, just to do justice to its name.

Coming to the main course, we were too full on all the delicious starters that we decided to go light on the mains. Hence we ordered the Mamagoto Goreng -which is their take on the classic Nasi Goreng, and the Laksa (Prawn and Veg versions)

Prawn Laksa

I was totally won over by the way the dishes were presented. These guys pay a lot of attention to detail with regards to presentation.

The Laksa was truly fabulous with its subtle flavors. You can taste the lemon grass and fresh ginger that goes so well with the coconut milk based broth. The shrimp too was perfectly cooked. One bowl is plenty for two hungry souls. After tasting the impeccable Laksa I was disappointed to say the least by the Nasi Goreng, as I found it a tad sweet. Gave my feedback to the management on it, hopefully they will see into it.

Now time for desserts!!! How much ever full we may be, we always have space for desserts; so we ordered the specialties of the house – Caramel Sponge cake with warm Toffee sauce, Blueberry cheesecake and the Homemade Coconut and Palm sugar ice cream.


We all fell in love with the oh-so-soft caramel sponge cake. The toffee sauce served with it, complemented it really well. It was so good we ordered another of it; now that should be an indication of how much we loved it!!! The cheesecake was creamy and rich, just the way I like it. I am not a fan of coconut flavored desserts, but the coconut & palm sugar ice-cream was rather interesting and had a very refreshing flavor that almost all felt it was a close second to the caramel sponge cake.

The service was friendly and efficient, and they were pretty accommodating with our requests of extra dipping sauce etc. This being a sponsored event may have been a added motivation, but nonetheless, they were pretty nice. Also, they were all ears for the feedback that we had to give, paying more attention to the negative, which is something I really appreciate.

The ambient music was really good and added to the fun feel of the restaurant. I had a fantastic time with my friends and everything from the food to the music to the service, all helped me to kick back and relax.


Ambiance – 4.5/5

Pricing – NA (but judging by the pricing on the menu 3.5/5)

Quality – 4/5

Quantity – 4/5

Service – 4/5


Mamagoto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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