Inazia – Thai Cuisine at its best

Anyone who is a true foodie would know of Masterchef and would definitely know what a Masterclass is. So when I was invited by Zomato for a Masterclass with Chef Ninja from Sheraton Inazia…there was no way I was gonna give it a miss.

Disclaimer : Zomato event, hence meal on the house.

Inazia has been much talked about for its amazing Asian cuisine. I personally love Japanese and Thai cuisine, hence, when I got to know that the Masterclass would be on Thai can only imagine my glee. Now I can honestly brag that learnt to cook Thai dishes from an expert!

The Chef started with explaining the different ingredients used in Thai cooking, and then went on patiently walking us through the steps of how to cook these dishes.

It was fun fumbling and cooking along with the other foodies and getting to taste the food that we cooked. It was a great learning experience to understand the correct use of all the exotic Thai ingredients while making those dishes.

We were then seated and served all the dishes that we had just learnt to cook; but fortunately we weren’t served the amateurish dishes that we concocted. The chef had prepared all the dishes again and more, to give us a taste of how they are really supposed to taste.

My take on the food served is as follows…

  • Som Tom Salad – The salad was refreshing and the flavors bang on; sweet and tangy with the crunch of peanuts. I generally don’t eat salads, but liked this immensely.
  • Chicken Satay with peanut sauce – the chicken was tender and pan fried to perfection. But the true star of the dish is the spicy sweet and sour peanut sauce it’s served with. Oh that amazing peanut sauce, I could have it as a dish alone and be content. Must have! (Also served mushroom satay for the vegetarians at the table)
  • Tom Kha Hed – this coconut based soup has always been my favorite. But here, I felt it would benefit by going easy on the chilly oil.
  • Thai green curry chicken/veg – One of the better Thai green Curries I had in a long time. This curry went well with the Jasmine Sticky Rice that we were served. This dish made me wanna try out their Thai red curry too, just to see if they can do equal justice to that dish as well. Definitely having this again.
  • Jasmine Sticky rice –  well, it was sticky rice! I’m sure you do not need any explanations on that. It looked beautiful with the star anise, and the texture was just right, making it feasible to eat it with the chopsticks. (good practice with the chopsticks 😉 )
  • Fish in Hot and Sour gravy – this dish was just about all right. In fact it paled in comparison to the Thai green curry for me. But it did go well with the veg noodles that it was served with.
  • Veg Schezwan noodles – Thin and perfectly seasoned with lots of veggies; this was something that I felt needed no accompanying curry. It was good by itself.
  • Jasmine tea – perfectly seeped tea without it getting too bitter. Enjoyed it. (some places get it so wrong and it gets so very bitter)
  • Caramel custard – this is your regular caramel custard, nothing to write home about. But presented beautifully. ( they were sweet enough to serve ice-cream with cut fruit for those at the table who weren’t eating non-veg that day)

Service was impeccable with extremely attentive staff. The ambiance was cool and classy with different seating areas to suit your mood.

This place is located close to ISB and the Financial District, so for anyone in this part of town, wanting good food in a classy setting, would definitely recommend Inazia. I feel this place is perfect for a nice relaxed meal, instead of the eat and dash corporate lunches. So  those working here in the Financial District, I would suggest, to take some time out to take in the ambiance and the flavors of the food served here.

Quality – 4.5/5
Quantity – 4/5
Pricing – NA
Service – 4/5
Ambiance- 4/5

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