ETC – the ultimate cocktail destination!

When you are out with friends, what is it that you do? ETC! Don’t get me wrong…I don’t mean etcetera. Rather Eat Talk Chill!! And when in Hyderabad, around Jubillee Hills, where best to hang out? ETC again! Ok, now you might think I am tripping on you; but I am not! Im referring to ‘ETC – Eat Talk Chill’, which is the new concept bar at United Kitchens of India. United Kitchens of India has made a name for itself for being a Multi Cuisine Restaurant that serves Specialty Cuisines from all parts of the country, from Kerala to Rajasthan, from Andhra to Kolkatta etc. So you do not have to wonder what the specialties of certain states are, you just gotta see the menu, and there you have them all listed under the various states. Continue reading ETC – the ultimate cocktail destination!


Awadhi Cuisine – for the love of kebabs!

When speaking about Awadhi cuisine, the only thing that pops into mind are their lip smacking, melt in the mouth kebabs. Awadhi cuisine is basically the cuisine of Lucknow, that is famous because of the Lucknowi Nawabs, who were known to have a voracious appetite for delectable kebabs; and their brilliant cooks, who came up with various innovative and delicate flavored kebabs to appease their Nawab’s rich tastes. These recipes have come down from generation to generation, and for those cooks, these recipes are their most closely guarded secrets. Continue reading Awadhi Cuisine – for the love of kebabs!