Jonathan’s Kitchen – perfect lazy Sunday Brunch!

Come weekend…what do you wanna do? Stay home and slog at the stove in this blistering heat? No way! Instead I would want to kick back and relax and enjoy a meal with drinks, with my friends for company.

And no way I am doing that at a buffet. I’m not going up and down the buffet table to get my food; rather I would like the food to come to me! How you ask? Well, head to Jonathan’s Kitchen and you would know!

Jonathan’s Kitchen has come up with a Sunday Brunch menu with unlimited starters and a pre-set menu, that comes with unlimited drinks too! Yes you heard me right…unlimited drinks! So be prepared to take a cab here…for you sure would need one to leave! Or just find yourself a friend who is the perpetual ‘Designated Driver’ (me for instance) as they have unlimited Mocktails too! 🙂

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I had a number of Mocktails and I find it hard to pinpoint any one that I like. Each was better than the previous one. But if you were to put a gun to my head, I think I would go with the Watermelon Mojito.

The interiors are well designed, with a high ceiling and big windows. Lots of natural lighting, just the way I like it! They have live music too, which is something I like. For those who want to have a private dining experience, you have a room with a large table, which is cut off from the crowds. And the table, from the looks of it looks like its made from a large trunk of a tree, and its magnificent!

I  liked the thought process that went into fixing the pre-set menu, as they made sure to do equal justice to the vegetarians and the non-vegetarians alike.

My take on the starters and food is as follows :

The ones I loved –

  • Achari Panner – for once I preferred a vegetarian starter to the non-veg ones. Loved the mustard flavor that was coming through.
  • Nawabi Shikampuri Kebab – Most felt it wasn’t authentic, but I for one loved it! It was melt in the mouth soft and the hung curd centre was just amazing!
  • Chicken Satay – I am a satay fan, and this was one succulent satay with some yumm peanut sauce.
  • Crispy corn – couldn’t get enough of this!
  • Foccacia al pollo – one of the best I have had in recent times.

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  • Caesar’s Salad and Insalata Rucola – I don’t know whats wrong with me, but I was in love with the salads. Usually I run the other way, but here I fell in love with the salads, and the reason being the amazing dressings! The balsamic reduction was amazing in the Insalata Rucola, couldn’t stop from finishing every trace of it from the plate.
  • Zucchini Ala Parmigiana – this was one smooth soup. All the flavours were just right and the Zucchini flavour was coming through brilliantly.
  • Thai Red Curry with Steamed Rice – the curry was brilliant and flavourful. I am a fan of Thai cuisine and I couldn’t get enough of this.

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The ones that they could work on –

  • Falafel kebab – felt a tad dry, but flavours were still good.
  • Tom yum Goong – need to find a way to highlight the Thai ingredient’s flavours, as all I could taste was tomato and coriander leaf.
  • Spring Chicken – this was actually good, but could be better if they the portion of chicken was proportionate to the grilled veg and mashed potatoes. There was way too much chicken (if that can be a bad thing). Also I would have liked it, if the balsamic reduction wasn’t just a garnish on the plate, but a part of the dish, as it was just amazing.
  • Chicken Burger – a tad dry. Need to be careful not to overcook the pattie.

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Their strength definitely is in their Italian dishes as was evident from the taste. There was a perfect balance to the flavours. I only hope they tweak the rest to match the quality of the ones I loved.

I only wish they had a better selection of desserts. Among the ones we had, I liked the Cheesecake, it had a lovely crunchy crust; but would any day prefer a Baked Cheesecake! Loved the plating though. The Gulab Jamun was huge, and quite rich.

The service was exceptional. Cannot fault it. The staff is very well trained, which made our dining a pleasant experience.

And now the best part of it all! You might be wondering how much for this food and drinks? Well the price wouldn’t put a hole in your pocket, as it’s a steal at 999AI. So what are you waiting for? The weekend is approaching, so get on with planning your perfect brunch at Jonathan’s Kitchen with your friends!

*Disclaimer –  this was a bloggers event- food and drinks were on the house*


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