Mamagoto Asian Buffet Launch

India’s favourite Pan-Asian restaurant Mamagoto, after making its mark in most of the cities in India, especially in Delhi and Mumbai with numerous branches, and more to open up in other parts of the county and internationally too; has become the go-to place for Pan Asian cuisine for the folk in Hyderabad as well. And guess what…it has just got better! How you ask? They started an Anti-Buffet! Now you will be wondering, what exactly is an anti-buffet, but you will have to go there to find out for yourself. All I’m going to tell you is, that for 499+ taxes, which totals to 650rs AI it’s a steal! The only catch is that the buffet is available only weekdays at lunch! But I’m not complaining, for this meal I’ll make time for it!

*Disclaimer – Meal was on the house, as I was part of a Bloggers Meet*


Mamagoto’s famous yellow doors

The buffet isn’t so elaborate that you will get lost in myriad of dishes, and at the same time its large enough for you to enjoy all the kinds of starters and mains that you would want. They have good options for the vegetarians too, which at most buffets the management tends to overlook, so for that they get a brownie point.

I for one fell in love with their Khow Suey, and I would not mind shelling the 650rs just for that dish alone! The fragrant coconut milk curry with mixed veggies, and the assorted condiments and toppings (with shredded chicken on the side for the non-vegetarians), I couldn’t get enough of it. One word for it, fabulous!


Khow Suey

Also I’m usually not a fan of Tofu, but the one served here was so silky soft, it was melting in my mouth. I was relishing it in the veg dishes! I wonder if they make their own tofu or source it, either way it was amazing!

And that peach iced tea, was oh so refreshing! They are well known for their Mocktails and I only wait till they start making some Cocktails too.

Chicken wings, Chicken Satay, Honey Chilli Potato

These guys know their spring rolls, because let it be in starters or desserts, the spring rolls were perfectly crisp, crunchy, flaky and light; and not the tough soggy mess you get at most places. Really impressed with it.

Veg Spring rolls, Veg and Chicken Dimsums, Assorted Dips

Among all the dishes that I had, the ones that stood out for me were the

  • Khow Suey – obviously!
  • Konjee chicken/veg – crispy delicious
  • Fried Fish in fragrant chilli sauce
  • Spinach fried wontons – crunchy goodness.
  • Teppanyaki – Of all the sauces we had, the Hibachi sauce was brilliant! It was a perfect blend of spicy, sweet and sour. But do you know what would have hit it out of the ballpark? If they would have served it with pork! Because trust me, that sauce was so good, it would have been amazing with some spareribs! But that’s just me being greedy! As it was equally good with the chicken and veg too. So now you know which sauce to go for!
  • Thai green curry – good as usual! Very few places can go wrong with it, and Mamagoto definitely did not!
  • Fish in Toban-Djan Sauce- The fish was perfectly cooked and the sauce complemented the mild flavour of the fish. Really good dish.


Konjee Chicken and Veg, Teppanyaki Chicken and Veg

Now the dishes that they could work on

  • Chicken wings – needs to be more juicy and saucy. It felt a tad dry.
  • Veg Dumplings – the filling needs to be more flavorsome.
  • Fried potato honey chilli – they need to go light on the honey, as it tasted way too sweet.

Now after such an amazing meal, I would not be able to do justice to huge dessert spread, so I was relieved that they had a modest selection of desserts.

Fruit salad, Coconut Icecream, Chocolate Spring rolls

The top favorite being the coconut ice-cream which Mamagoto is known for, the chocolate cupcake which was rich and decadent, and their chocolate Spring rolls which was like an Asian version of Churros, with its cinnamon and chocolate flavor going so well together, and encased in the crispy shell.

The service was top notch, with them helping us out with the items on the buffet and promptly clearing out the dishes when we were done.

Definitely recommending this steal of a buffet to anyone who enjoys some quality Pan- Asian food. I for one am definitely going back for their Khow suey…just mentioning it incase you did not get just how much I loved it! 😉



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