Charcoal – My Burger Haven

At a time when I almost gave up on finding good burgers in Hyderabad, I came across Charcoal! And boy o boy….were those burgers good! I fell in love with this place but it’s not because of some fancy shmancy menu with equally fancy interiors, rather it’s because it’s a damn cool place, that serves amazing burgers!!! I could kiss the chef-thats how good those burgers are! I’m in love with Abhinav, the “grill master”, not just because he is obviously a great chef, but also he is one of the coolest guys I have met in Hyderabad and his “grill-buddy” Parry too is super nice. They make you feel welcome and greet you like you have been buddies since ever! It’s the same cool vibe that transcends to their decor and food too.



Anyone who knows me, know that I’m already in love with the burgers from this place and have been chanting their name to anyone who listens and to those who don’t either! The few days that they closed down to open shop at a different location was the most trying time of my life! (Yes I can get a bit dramatic at times)

Once they were open to public, I took a couple of my friends there as they never ate at Charcoal before. Can you believe it?? One because he is a vegetarian and he wasn’t aware that they had a separate grill for the veg stuff. And one because…well she has no excuse!!

Their new joint looks really good, no chairs yet, so sitting on the tables was cool. Parry did say they were gonna change the entire seating system soon though. Also, the brick finish looks awesome. I like their eco friendly plates; anything for the environment!

I took my regular, the devilled wings and salmon burger and relished them both. I did warn my friend about the wings, nonetheless she wanted to have a few and it literally brought tears to her eyes. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted! Only for devils who can handle some insane levels of heat. And as luck would have it, I’m one of those few. For the rest, my words of advice – Eat it at your own Risk! Because it literally is too hot to handle.

Devilled wings – eat at your own risk! Too hot to handle


The Juicy Lucy and the grilled potato burger that they both ordered was really good. And I liked how they called the veg burger, the “shakahari burger” in the bill.

I initially scoffed at my friend that ordering a Veg Burger is like ordering a Pav Bhaji, but when I tasted it, I had to immediately eat my own words too. It was a very good mix of flavours with lots of cheesy goodness.

The Salmon Burger is juicy and mildly flavoured which is perfect for me. And having this burger makes me feel like I’m being healthy…oh come on…fish is healthy…so I AM being healthy. And when it this tasty, you won’t find me complaining about it.

The Juicy Lucy, now this is one femme fatale that people cannot stop raving about, and they keep on coming back for more. This is a mutton mince patty with a cheddar cheese centre. When you bite into this, you understand why it is named so. It’s juicy to the core literally! And so the flavour of meat comes through, this patty is mildly spiced.

My other favourites here is the Chicken columbiana, Chicken Sufi roll and the mutton terminator.

My only issue, if any is with the bun, because it was falling apart a bit, not because it was soggy or something, but it just was too flakey. They need to look into that and change their baker if needed. Earlier never had this issue.

I’m now waiting for them to open up their pizza place as well, that they said they would take a month or so.

Th only place I would ever recommend anyone to stop for burgers is only Charcoal, and once you visit it, you will know why!!
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