FSM -3 words – Best Italian Ever!

FSM has by far been my ultimate destination for quality Italian food in Hyderabad. My love for FSM started when it was a small cozy joint in Vizag (my hometown), which later opened in Hyderabad too, much to my delight. And just as they had won hearts in Vizag, they pretty soon made a mark for themselves in Hyderabad too. Their branch in Jubilee hills started drawing a huge and steady crowd of Italian food lovers.

I feel a certain connection to this place, maybe because my affair with FSM started when I used to frequent it in my hometown, or maybe because I really like the quirky and eccentric guy who owns the place, Ajay. His menu should be a indicator to the kind of guy he is, with some hilarious comments in it. His attention to detail reflects in the food that is served; and its USP is that it’s been consistent in its taste and quality.

So when I got to know that they had a branch opening up in Banjara hills too, I knew I had to visit it. So on my husband’s birthday, we head straight to their new branch in the lane beside Testa Rossa in Banjara Hills.


The place is done up in the similar style like their joint in Jubilee Hills, with lots of wood and metal décor, which gives it an edgy yet classy look.

I have tasted almost all the dishes on their menu, but if you were to ask me what my all time favorites were, they would be

  • Crostinni Assortiti – small slices of baguette, with a spread of mayo and assorted toppings (my favourite topping being the Artichoke),
  • Stuffed Garlic bread – this isn’t the kind of Garlic bread that you are used to. These are bun sandwiches with a good spread of garlic butter with veggies and mozzarella cheese.
  • Quattro Formaggi Pasta – this is pasta for all those cheese lovers, as its got not just one or two, but four different cheeses blended in the sauce that gives it this unique mild flavour with a sharp edge. I love the fact that I can actually taste the different cheeses, and the flavour of the blue cheese in it, is what wins me over
  • Pizza ala vodka – if you are a bacon lover, you will love this pizza. You have chunks of pineapple and thick pieces of bacon, that are baked to perfection on the best thin sliced pizza in town! I’m really not a fan of pineapple, but on this pizza it just compliments the bacon oh so well.
  • Peach Iced tea – which is served in their signature huge tumbler. FSM serves one of the best iced teas in Hyderabad.
  • Mangolian Rice – And for those of you who are trying to find this dish on the menu, do not waste your time, you will not find it on the menu. Only the regulars are aware of this brilliant dish, which is a fried rice of sorts, with lots of exotic vegetables and is served with a side of two spectacular sauces. One being a roasted bell pepper sauce, and the second I am yet to figure it out. Maybe if I eat it another dozen times I might figure it out.
  • Chocolate bomb – this is as the name suggests a explosion of rich chocolate fondant in your mouth. Chocolate lovers swear by it. It’s one of their signature dishes.
  • Tiramisu – this dish is Ajay’s take on the classic Italian coffee based dessert. Be warned it has a heady dose of rum in it!

So now that I have listed out my favorites, if you ever find yourself at FSM -Banjara Hills or Jubilee Hills, you know what my recommendations are going to be. And trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Also, another USP of the place is that, there aren’t going to be any surprises in the bill, as what you see on the menu is what you are paying. No added VAT or taxes. How great is that?!!

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