About me


Hi, I am Anwesha, a food enthusiast who loves to cook, bake and explore all the facets that turn simple food into delicacies. Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that any conversation with me would invariably steer towards food. That is my love for it!

My love for food comes from my multicultural upbringing, with parents of different faiths; and obviously different tastes in food, that’s a major part of any culture.

My mom being an incredible cook and being well traveled , imparted in me her ability to cook and have an open mind to trying out various cuisines, no matter however outlandish they may sound. My father being a stickler for detail and a incredible foodie, imparted in me my attention to detail while cooking and a voracious appetite to match!

Recreating any particular dish that I have eaten out and loved, is a sort of challenge that I put myself to every now and then; with, let’s face it…mixed results! But that’s a risk I’m willing to take. When I eat it and I love it, why not try and recreate it? But not to worry, I only post recipes that have turned out to be a hit with my family and friends.

Currently, living in Hyderabad, gives me umpteen opportunities to satiate all my world cuisine cravings, what with new and innovative eateries opening every second. Also, not to forget the old city delicacies. But nothing can take from me, my love for coastal cuisine, which is due to my childhood days in the amazing coastal city of Vizag!

So come join me on my food sojourn…eat it and love it!


I can be contacted at anwesha.br@gmail.com