Gutthi Vankaya Kura / Stuffed Aubergine Curry

So this friend of mine who bakes really well, and is a reasonable good cook too, says that this is the one vegetable that she has never been able to cook well, and its because she isn’t a fan of this purple wonder. And to make matters worse, her husband loooves aubergine in any form or kind. So I promised to post a simple recipe to help her out. Let’s see, if she’s able to master it this time round. Continue reading Gutthi Vankaya Kura / Stuffed Aubergine Curry


Charcoal – My Burger Haven

At a time when I almost gave up on finding good burgers in Hyderabad, I came across Charcoal! And boy o boy….were those burgers good! I fell in love with this place but it’s not because of some fancy shmancy menu with equally fancy interiors, rather it’s because it’s a damn cool place, that serves amazing burgers!!! I could kiss the chef-thats how good those burgers are! I’m in love with Abhinav, the “grill master”, not just because he is obviously a great chef, but also he is one of the coolest guys I have met in Hyderabad and his “grill-buddy” Parry too is super nice. They make you feel welcome and greet you like you have been buddies since ever! It’s the same cool vibe that transcends to their decor and food too. Continue reading Charcoal – My Burger Haven

Jonathan’s Kitchen – perfect lazy Sunday Brunch!

Come weekend…what do you wanna do? Stay home and slog at the stove in this blistering heat? No way! Instead I would want to kick back and relax and enjoy a meal with drinks, with my friends for company. And no way I am doing that at a buffet. I’m not going up and down the buffet table to get my food; rather I would … Continue reading Jonathan’s Kitchen – perfect lazy Sunday Brunch!

China Bistro – The terracotta soldiers welcome you

The Terracotta Army has landed in Hyderabad after successfully conquering the hearts of the Mumbai folk with their exquisite Chinese fare. China Bistro has at last planted a flag in Hyderabad too, much to the delight of the Hyderabadis. Disclaimer : The meal was on the house as it was a Bloggers meet. Ever since I saw the installation of the two huge terracotta soldier … Continue reading China Bistro – The terracotta soldiers welcome you